The 5 Best Halloween Movies on 123movies 2024

Article updated on 10.12.2023

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays in Europe and the United States. Partly it has also caught on in the Russian Federation, but not at the state level. But many people like to watch movies about this day. And it's not just family melodramas, but this horror movie.

It happens that household members or friends make a special selection to watch online at 123movies for All Saints' Evening, but is it possible to opt for the theme itself?

Which movies about the holiday can you highlight in particular?

"Halloween" (2018).

Quite a heavy film in its specifics, but very realistic. Not an easy fate of the main character, who all her life was afraid of the stalker Michael, who is in a mental hospital. As the title suggests, the main events take place on the night of October 31 to November 1. Everything is intertwined in this film: horror, sci-fi, mysticism, and just plain human cruelty. You can watch it with the other parts or as a stand-alone story.

"Pay the Ghost."

The main character's son goes missing during Halloween fun. At the same time, he learns of a curse that children often go missing on this night. For a year, he waits for the holiday to come to ransom the child from an evil force.

"Cementerio del terror."

Considered a classic of American Halloween horror. A group of friends, determined to make a joke, have obtained a spell somewhere that can be used to bring a dead man back to life. But something went wrong: the dead man turned out to be a murderer and also an occultist.

"Scary Movie."

This is a great parody of a horror movie: slapstick humor, lots of revealing deaths, a grave voice on the tube. It's a great one to laugh at. The Halloween atmosphere is reminiscent of some kind of Armageddon, and not in a bad way, but in a funny way.

"Casper" (with a sequel).

Probably the cutest ghost movie ever made. You can watch it not only with your friends, but also with your kids.

Thus, there are many movies about this mystical holiday. These are only the most famous pictures, whereas there are actually more than a hundred, and they were made in completely different eras (from the mid-50s to the present day).

Each in its own way interesting and unique: there is a deeply dramatic story, and murderous-comedy and just horror. But the setting is special, typical of the spirit of this autumnal celebration. It is somewhat similar to Christmas, only more down-to-earth, at times silly, a little scary, or humorous.